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Activate Your HP 4650 Setup Instantly

Guide to install HP 4650 Wireless Printer

HP® 4650 printers are light-duty inkjet multifunctional printers. This printer series is excellent for an office job as it includes faxing and ADF. 123 HP® com OJ4650 is an automatic duplexer. You can easily take cloud print at very good quality.

HP Officejet 4650 Printer Driver Download Windows 7:

Before your install HP® 4650 driver on your device; ensure that you don't have any other printer driver available in your device. If you have any existing driver then uninstalls it before downloading HP® 4650 Printer Driver. Now follow the given steps:

  1. Take your printer to active status
  2. Make sure that your USB ports are working
  3. Connect the printer via USB and avoid the hub that doesn't provide optimum power supply to the printer
  4. You will get a prompt on your screen asking about to install 4650 HP® Printer Driver.
  5. Follow the on-screen commands to complete the driver HP® 4650 Windows 7 installation process.
Steps to install driver HP 4650 in Mac:
  1. You have to download HP® easy start app
  2. Now go to My Printer is not shown option
  3. Click continue on the wireless network connection
  4. Follow the given on-screen commands for completing the HP® 4650 setup
  5. If you find any kind of query while installing Officejet4650 drivers in Mac then you can ask for technical help.

How to connect HP Office 4650 Scanner to computer?

There are various connection modes in www 123 HP® Com OJ4650: With the auto wireless connect setup; you don't have to type the SSID. You can use this mode in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above, and Mac OS. Your device should have an IP address component. You will require remote switch 11b/g/n with 2.4GHz connection. Now you have to download the software. The software should be compatible with your PC as well as to the printer. Choose the sort of network. Click on the yes button and send the settings to the printer and install it. Choose Auto Wireless Connect and wait for a minute. Your internet connection may interrupt for a moment.
  1. Download the HP® Printer software 4650 on your device and ensure that it is compatible with both devices. Then you have to choose the sort of network.
  2. Hit Yes on submit my wireless settings to install my printer
  3. Check the SSID and WEP password
  4. Go the setup button from the control panel and choose the system menu
  5. Choose the wireless setup wizard
  6. Select the name for wireless network
  7. Click on wireless wizard configuration
  8. Enter the password
  9. Hit the enter button
  10. Now your printer will connect to the system. Try to take a printout from your HP® com oj4650 printer.

HP 4650 Printer Troubleshooting

My HP® com oj4650 printer won't power on
This error occurs when your device is unable to connect with the power outlet. Make sure your other electronic device like power cord, the switch is working fine. Try connecting your printer to other power outlets. If you are still unable to power on the device then try using about the cord. This error can occur due to a faulty power button. Sometimes the power button gets stuck inside and stops functioning properly. If the power button is not working then you should replace it as soon as possible.

The printer stops working in the middle of a print job
There can be various reasons for print job interruption. The common of this error is power loss. Check the power cord and electricity supply. The other potential cause of this error can be a paper jam. If 123 HP® com oj6950 printer stops working in the middle of a job and showing an error message then it mostly occurs due to paper jam. Paper jam is a type of situation when some junk like a chunk of paper or dust stuck in the printer. You will merely get paper jam in HP® 4650 printer, but if are facing paper jam then remove the paper tray and remove the junk. Make sure your papers are aligned; sometimes the printer draws two papers simultaneously that can cause paper jam.

Blank printing
Many people reported that their printer device is printing nothing. The most common reason for this error is low ink. Press the ink icon from the control panel to check HP® 4560 ink. If the ink level is less; replace the ink cartridge. Blank printing can also occur when you are using the wrong ink cartridge. Search for what type of ink does HP® Officejet 4650 use and then check whether you are using a correct cartridge or not. The clogged ink cartridge can also responsible for this kind of error. The ink can get dried up if not in use for a long time.

My wireless printer is not working
The very common fix for troubleshooting this error is resetting the printer setup. Unplug your all devices like printer, Wi-Fi, router, etc. Wait for a minute and then reconnect them. Wait until all the lights in the router and lights turned on. Now check whether your wireless printer is working or not. If not then check your wireless connection is working properly or not. Sometimes router or modem error can also give you this error. Try connecting your router to another device. One of the potential causes of printing issues is an outdated device driver. If you are facing any printing error then check the device driver. If you see any new update for HP® Officejet 4650 Printer driver download then installs it immediately.

People may face various issues like unresponsive touch-screen, faded print, ghost printing, etc. Most of these issues can be fixed easily. In case, you are unable to fix the queries then you can also ask for HP® printer technical support.

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